Nilly is a 10 year-old, who goes to Dolgen School. He is a very short boy, who has red hair, and loves bragging to others about himself. Every night, he likes to perform a puppet show for Lisa to watch.

Fart PowderEdit

Nilly is a very small boy who had moved into Cannon Avenue with his mother and sister, Eva. In this book, we see Nilly is eager to help Doctor Proctor with his inventions, even if it can get him into trouble sometimes. He has conflict with Truls and Trym Trane, who try to steal the powder for their own good, and Nilly ventures into the sewer where something slimy awaits...

Bubble in the BathtubEdit

In the second book, he ventures with Lisa to Paris to find Doctor Proctor but ends up in Indarnit and meets a friend named Eddy, defeats Napoleon and also finds himself face to face with Raspa and evil Claude Cliche.


1. Lisa

2. Doctor Proctor

3. Joan of Arc

5. Eva [sister)

6. Juliette Margarine


1. Truls Trane

2. Trym Trane

3. Mr.Trane

4. Mrs.Strobe

5. Raspa

6, The anaconda

7. Cliche


9. Fu Manchu

Who Cut the CheeseEdit


1. The usual bunch- Proctor, Lisa, the Commanants, Julliette, etc.

2. Mr. Hiccup [Gregory Galvanius]

3. Perry the spider

4. The King of Norway

5. Petter

6. Mrs. Strobe [she used to be somewhat of an enemy, but was befriended]


1.Truls and Trym

2. The moon chameleons

3. Butler Ake

4. Betrice [kind of]

The Magic FruitEdit


1.The usual bunch

2. The King of Norway

3. The Secret Gourds

4. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

5. Petronella [Petter's new friend]


1. The Crunch Brothers

2. Mama Crunch

3. Maximus Rublov

4. Ibranaldovez


- His original name was William, but he was renamed Nilly, because he is nearly invisible. Nesbo could've also been inspired by the saying 'willy-nilly'.

- It is unknown if Nilly has a father or not.

- As revealed in The Magic Fruit, Nilly seems to be quite pee-shy. When he used Doctor Proctor's Frost Fluid, it was said that he couldn't go when he 'really had to'.