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Welcome to the Doctor Proctor WikiEdit

Jo Nesbo's Fart Powder books Staring Lisa, Nilly and Doctor Proctor (also fanatics are allowed)

Hello and Welcome AgainEdit

Doctor Proctor Wiki is a website based entirely on Jo Nesbø's books in Fart Powder series. Many of them aren't mainly about farts, but the farts usually end up saving the day in each one so far, there are 4 books, all which have a title that is named after a term relates to farting. They are-

1. Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder

2. Bubble in the Bathtub [Doctor Proctor's Time-Traveling Bath Bomb]

3. Who Cut the Cheese [Doctor Proctor and the End of The World- Maybe]

4. The Magic Fruit [The Great Gold Robbery]Edit


- Another appropriate title for 'The Magic Fruit' would be 'Go For The Gold.'

- All of the books, exept for the first one, mean something different in norwegian.

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